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Internal Control & Process Compliance Manager

Internal Control & Process Compliance Manager

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The main expectations associated with the Internal Control & Process Compliance Manager are:


  • To ensure that the Internal Control Framework is properly in place and executed according to LH requirements, specially guarding the IC Cycle.
  • To check and ensure that the Trading and Shipping activities of LHT are properly executed according to the processes defined and that the minimum requirements to perform a transaction have been met in order to limit and manage the operational risk
  • To test and review the controls defined according to the Internal Control Framework and measure the KPIs for the corresponding processes, to issue reports, present their outcome and improve processes accordingly
  • To enable and support the continuous improvement of Internal Control activities and processes, engaging, animating and challenging the BPOs.


The Internal Control & Process Compliance Manager reports directly to the Head of Risk Management & Internal Control.



Internal Control


  • Coordinate and supervise the Internal Control activities for LH Trading, in strict conformity with LafargeHolcim processes, requirements and guidelines issued by Group Internal Control
  • Evaluate whether Internal Controls are sufficiently accurate to mitigate risks in the different parts of the organization
  • Actively communicate, collaborate and support the different people involved in Internal Control activities across LHT
  • Perform testing activities of Internal Controls and take appropriate risk mitigating measures
  • Make sure that the Internal Control framework is up-dated, that Business Process Owners (BPOs) and Control Owners are performing their internal control duties with the expected quality and within the agreed deadlines
  • Organize and participate in LHT Internal Control certification
  • Prepare presentations towards LHT ExCo, Group Internal Control and others
  • Coordinate Internal Control activities between LHT and the IT and Business Service Center making sure that the framework is understood and operational, between other elements, looking at the SOD yearly review.
  • Manage the different reporting activities in relation to Internal Controls
  • Coordinate activities linked to Internal Audit and support activities related to External Audit.


Limit Operational Risk

  • Limit the operational risk by reviewing and confirming that a trade or shipping transaction has complied with the minimum requirements defined by LHT ExCo.
  • Based on the review, identify any potential breach to the processes or risk areas, propose corrective & risk mitigating actions and/or escalate to the Head of Risk Management & Internal Control, with focus but not limited to, on the following topics:
  • Trades with credit and operational risks (i.e. high/moderate credit risk assessment, transactions that require TPDD without TPDD, shipments executed before receiving LC, shipments executed without having been approved on CRM timely, shipments relating cost approved according to authorities, etc
  • Trading & shipping contracts are in place
  • Verify that process flows are accurate to minimize the risk of fraud, taking into consideration segregation of duties aspects
  • Verify that the monitoring and clearing of GRIR, Advanced Payments and Incoming Payments accounts are done according to the process in place and in a timely manner.
  • Verify that the monitoring and clearing of the Bunker accounts are done in a proper and timely manner.
  • Oversight activities where a special monitoring was put in place (bunker hedge, demurrage for special cases)
  • Check compliancy with minimum requirements for payments to alternative payees (not done to physical persons, not domiciled in offshore locations and having a signed Notice of Assignment)
  • Address potential systems’ failures to the IT Head
  • Make sure to get access to the appropriate information and reporting (from an IT perspective) with the support of IT Head


Support the Head of Risk Management & internal Control and BPOs by activities such as:

  • Supports the BPOs by measuring the KPIs on a regular basis and by issuing the related feedbacks and/or reports with the corresponding findings
  • Follows up on the return/profitability of the open transactions by measuring them “a posteriori” to confirm whether they materialized as forecasted or not
  • Support the Head of Risk Management & Internal Control with risk management related issues


Management/People Development

  • Defines, plans, organizes and controls the proper execution of internal controls and relating tasks
  • Ensures adequate training and development of his/her staff in the different relating areas
  • Defines yearly objectives for his/her team members, assesses their performance and proposes career orientations

Health and Safety

  • Ensures alignment of H&S activities arising from country/business unit H&S mission
  • Ensures relevant actions are taken so that H&S requirements are met
  • Actively manages risks by ensuring that all related control activities are implemented thoroughly
  • Drives committed and effective incident management



  • Business School / University degree with a specialization in Finance, Business Administration or Accounting


  • several years professional experience in Finance, Audit, Controlling, Risk Management or Back Office functions of trading houses or banks.

Knowledge & Skills

Technical competencies / Job knowledge:

  • SAP, International Trade and Shipping knowledge, Microsoft Office – Mainly Excel, accounting and financial background


Interpersonal competencies / communication: 

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, excellent Team Work


Managerial competencies:

  • Planning, coordination and organization skills.
  • Ability to control

Language Requirements

Bilingual/fluent in English and mastery of at least 1 additional internationally representative language

Local / International

Local Employment